Thursday, February 14, 2008

We're So Glad When Daddy Comes Home!

We were expecting Chris home from Salt Lake sometime Wednesday afternoon, but he tried to surprise us and he came home about 1 am Wednesday morning. His car has been reliable since we bought it but it's old, and we have never taken it out of town, so his concerned sister called me to try and talk him out of driving in the dark while he was tired and possibly in snow. I wanted him home, but I preferred an uninjured Chris over a fall-asleep-at-the-wheel or a break-down-in-the-middle of nowhere version. He made it home safely so I'm kind of glad he ignored my telling him to stay for one more night. Dalin came in our room in the morning and he saw Chris's cell phone on the table and he said, "Daddy!" It was funny that he knew Chris's phone was a sign that he was home. Chris didn't go to work on Wednesday and he was still in a euphoric state from being home or feeling guilty for being gone for a week so he agreed to go with me to do errands. It was so nice to have him with me.
There is a show called "While You Were Out" where while, someone is out of town a room in their home is redecorated. I did a my own version of the show in my room while Chris was gone. I wasn't going to do anything extreme, but I painted (the last time we painted was when we moved into the house), redid the vanity and bought new bedding. I want to paint all of the furniture black so our hodgepodge will match, but I knew I wouldn't be able to finish that before Chris came home so I'll save that project for another time. I thought I could be done before Chris came home, but I should have remembered that every project I've ever done takes three times as long and costs four times more than I expect. I am close to finishing though and I'm excited because it's actually coming together nicely. I didn't have the foresight to take a before picture of the entire room, but I did get one of the vanity and I will post that and the after picture when I finish, soon I hope.
Happy Valentines Day!

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Unknown said...

Don't get to shocked that I'm actually posting, but I have to say that we have the cutest family. I was quite anxious to come home and see my lovely wife and great kids.

Kristen as usual has done an amazing job with the home improvements. I'm the biggest procrastinator when it comes to fixing things, so it's a good thing that we are getting new carpet to help motivate the speed of the work.