Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Girls Day Out

My younger brother Brandon getting married next month, so under the guise of looking for dresses for the nieces to wear my mom, my sister Carmen, my sisters-in-law Danette and Natalie and I went to St. George this past Saturday to do some shopping. My grandma is there for the winter, so we met up with her and began the hunt. We went to this place called Thai Pan, a super duper home decor store. It was a really nice place, but I don't have enough decorating sense for it to be a useful place to me. The prices were really good though, and there is talk that one will be built here so if I ever get inspired then I will know where to go. We went to a wonderfully delicious place called Pizza Factory for lunch. The guy who owns it is related to Chris, and we went there when we were first dating, and on our way to our honeymoon so I've been in love with that place for a long time. After lunch we did more shopping, but I think we were five hours into our day before we actually started looking for the dresses we were there to find. We didn't find anything we liked, so as far as the dresses went the day was a bust. Everything else was fabulous. I am so glad my brothers found girls that I love to hang out with. Part of the reason I don't have alot of non-relative friends is because I have built in friends with my family. The whole day was filled with much laughter and we had a great time i am so glad I was able to go. Too bad for me and my newfound skills, I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures to post.
While I was gone, Chris took the kids to the Hannah Montanna concert movie by himself. He even took Dalin, who is reluctant to sit for any amount of time. The report I got was that Dalin really enjoyed the music so he sat for much longer than he normally would have. I am really impressed that Chris is willing to go do stuff like that with the kids.

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