Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Every Day

My everyday has been a little more hectic than usual which is why I haven’t written for a while. That and our primary program that I am in charge of is this Sunday and that is pretty much all I can think about. I think it has scrambled my brain or something because it seems like I cannot complete a thought. A couple of Sundays ago I started walking down the hall at church like three times only to forget what my purpose was. Needless to say I am looking forward to about 10:15 on Sunday morning when it will all be over.

Chris came home from California last Sunday and we are happy to have him here again. He still hasn’t taken his test so he is still in study mode, but it is much better than me being here by myself. He got home a few minutes before the kids and I came home from church, so it was a nice surprise for the kids to walk in and see him. When Dalin saw him he ran towards Chris, so Chris sat down on the floor to give him a hug. Then Dalin stopped and turned like he was going to run away, but instead he backed up so he could sit down on Chris’s lap. It was very cute. Dalin was Chris’s buddy for the rest of the day, which was a good break for me.

We are getting ready for Halloween, and despite my promise to myself that I wouldn’t, I am making costumes again this year. It started because Kaylee wants to be Tinkerbelle, and not only were the costumes like $20, but I couldn’t really find her size. It hasn’t been too bad though, and I’m not making myself nearly as crazy as I have in years past. Ashton is going to be a cowgirl so all I have to do is get a hat and make her a vest. Aiden is going to be Buzz Lightyear and I did buy that costume but we are making a jet pack, and Dalin is going to be Woody, so I just have to find a yellow shirt and make him a vest as well. The party season starts tomorrow though so I have to get everything done tonight. Wish me luck.

I am still fixing up the house to sell, but I am not sure the house I looked at is the one for us. I not in a super hurry any more to get our house on the market, but if that house is still for sell when we are ready then maybe it is meant to be. For now that idea is on the back burner.

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