Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I go through phases where I really want to move and I will spend hours on the internet looking at houses for sale. I am in that phase right now, and I think Chris just puts up with my excitement because nothing usually comes of it, so I am sharing with you people of the World Wide Web. I actually think the internet is a facilitator of my insanity because I can look at hundreds of homes without leaving my room. I guess there are worse obsessions.

There is a house for sale that is in the area we want to live in and in our price range. The kids wouldn’t even have to change schools. Unfortunately for me I start looking at my own home and I get a little overwhelmed by everything we would have to do to get it ready to sell. Not to mention the fact that the housing market has slowed way down so it could take months to even sell our house. The house I want is bank owned, so I have gone to look in the windows, but you never know what could be lurking in there. It looks like someone bought it to fix up but they ran out of money or something because the walls look like they have new paint and the baseboards look new, but there is no flooring. It is twice the size of our current home and it would be wonderful to actually have some space. We could even have a guest room doesn't kick Aiden out of his bed. I called to set up an appointment to see the inside and I am anxiously awaiting the call back.

The funny thing is that it is in the same neighborhood Chris’s parents lived in when they lived here, and it is actually the same floor plan. The even funnier thing is that I think when Chris’s parents moved they offered to let us take over the payments for their house, but for the life of me I just can’t recall we turned them down. Now nine years later we could get the same kind of house for only double the monthly payment. Ahh, life lessons!

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