Monday, January 20, 2014

Guest room re-do

Decorating our new home has been painfully slow.  Living on a budget is only fun when the credit card bill comes;)  Chris gave me a Home Depot gift certificate for Christmas so I decided to tackle the guest room.  Why waste my money on a room we rarely use you ask?  Well it was kind of dark, didn't have a very good paint job, and I hated looking at it.  Also I have such a hard time making a decision on paint colors so if it didn't work out I could close the door and try to forget about it. I chose Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray, color matched at Home Depot.  I really like it.  The room seems so much brighter and cleaner.  I love to look at it and I have lots of ideas of things I can't wait to add.
I thought I had a better before picture (like always).  This is one Chris took mainly to see the floor, but it works.

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