Monday, August 6, 2012

Girls Camp

Kaylee has kind of a hard time being away from home so I had been thinking about volunteering to go to girls camp with our ward.  Then one day in ward council we were talking about needing a volunteer from each ward in the stake to be a cook.  This sounded like a way for me to be there for Kaylee, but not cramp her style so I volunteered.  I'll be honest, I hate camping.  What was I thinking?!?  I was mostly dreading going.  I know you think I'm going to say it turned out fantastic and I am really glad I went but really that is only a quarter true.
  • I got to work with and become friends with some really really wonderful women.  
  • I surprised any one who knows me with "Girls Camp Sis. Edwards".  Apparently big groups in the mountains brings out the show boater in me.  
  • Kaylee got to see me enough to help her not be homesick, but plenty to be embarrassed by my antics.  I got my fair share of eye rolls from her (kinda loved that).
  • Being the first group to tip over our canoe on lake day
  • It rained, heavily, every night but one while we were making dinner.  We had a priesthood leader who was keeping water draining off the tarps almost full time (much love Bro Esplin).
  • The fabulous cot I borrowed from my brother didn't fit in my tent so I had to sleep on the ground the first night. Luckily one of the sisters from my ward had an extra air mattress so I wasn't completely miserable.
  • Cooking for 250 three times a day.  We were in the "kitchen" constantly
  • I hardly got any pictures of the whole experience.
The "kitchen"

Blind makeover

I would maybe do it again now that I know what to expect, maybe.

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