Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pimp My Ride

If you have known Chris for any amount of time you've probably heard a story or two (or twenty) about pranks he pulled as a kid.  While his mom and sister were in town they decided to show him some love (or maybe some payback) and "decorate" his car for him.

The stuffed animals were my favorite part.  I call them his "babies" and it made me laugh out loud every single time I saw them.  Chris kept forgetting to take them out so they were there to greet him after work for over a week:)  Note the bejeweled license plate holder

His mom fixed the visor that was falling apart and we are saving his hands from the summer heat.  What more could a guy ask for!

I'm pretty sure he dreams about riding unicorns, why not share it with the world

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