Monday, August 13, 2012

The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Two Weeks...

A couple of weeks before I went to girls camp I was noticing some warm spots on our floor.  After some googling it sounded like it might be a water leak under the floor.  The Saturday before I left for camp we had someone come check it out and sure enough a leak.  It hadn't come up through the floor yet so we scheduled to get it fixed first thing Monday morning.  Sunday afternoon I thought Dalin had spilled some water on the floor but it kept coming back after I wiped it up.  The leak came through.  Luckily we were already scheduled to have it fixed and the insurance will cover it.  Poor guy, out of the 15 years we've been together it ended up being the absolute worst time for me to be out of town and I couldn't get out of it.  Here are some highlights from the rest of the week that Chris had to deal with. Alone.
  • Chris had to do his own work from home and cover for two of his other co-workers who were out of town.
  • Our nephew was supposed to come for a visit on Monday after 5pm.  His dad showed up at 11 am and asked Chris if he could watch him for the rest of the week.
  • Floor and baseboards had to be pulled up and replaced
  • To prevent mold high powered very noisy fans were running constantly for almost the entire week
  • The kids bathroom wasn't functional because they rerouted the pipes through the attic and started in the bathroom
  • Watching his two nieces for several hours (that's seven kids folks!  In our tiny house with no furniture in the front room)
  • The kitchen was being used to store furniture thus rendered less than useful
  • Chauffeuring kids to various activities (karate, mutual etc.)
When I came home they had barely put the couches back in the front room but there was still no flooring.  I felt so bad that I couldn't be there to help out.  But wait there's more.  While I was in NY the fun continued!
  • Still working from home
  • The flooring was being installed so the front room and kitchen couldn't be used again
  • The air conditioning went out.  Do you know how hot it is in this village! (Luckily a guy Chris knows from work was able to come fix it fairly inexpensively) 
 I tell you what, Chris more than earned his keep!  When I came home there was still a day and a half of floor and baseboard installation, but really I missed the worst of it.  I think I complained about what Chris had to deal with more than he did.  My husband is AWESOME!

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Kim Edwards said...

all right! New floor! And it's on the insurance company :) that's a plus