Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dalin 5.0

Yep he's 5, can you believe it! I'm still coming to terms with it myself. I think I have a hard time with every one of his birthdays because he's my baby, but five is a doozie. Five is kindergarten. Five is big. Okay, enough of that, moving on. Dalin has been counting down the days to his birthday since Christmas (168 in case you wondered). And he has been asking for a "Power Ranger Switch Head" for 120 of those days. He got his Power Ranger and enough to constitute a "good haul". He also had a Happy Meal date with his dad and there is a rumor that someone let him drive the car. What more could a five year old ask for:)

Here are some of his favorite things:

Food: Popsicles, watermelon & strawberries
Toy: Power Ranger Switch head
TV Show: Power Rangers Samurai
Movie: Kung Fu Panda 2 (or whatever the latest cartoon movie happens to be)
Color: Green
Super Hero: Spiderman
Thing to do: Play

Dalin requested this "cake". It's not very pretty, but it's made up of his two of his favorite things.

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