Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Take your child to work day

A few weeks ago (is that how long it's been who can keep track of time these day, certainly not me) after much begging and puppy dog faces, Chris relented to take the kids to work with him on "Take you child to work day". Ashton went for the first half of the day, and the boys went for the second part. Kaylee's English teacher told her they were going to do something important in class that they shouldn't miss so she went to school (they didn't do anything by the way). Chris works in the IT department for the state, there is only one other person in his office and he spends most of his day in front of a computer screen. Not a lot of glitz and glamor to show the kids. Chris being the innovative fellow he is gave them papers to shred, saved some boxes for them to throw in the crusher and let them race down the hall on a paper cart. Our kids loved it, but now they are pretty sure that is the extent of Chris's job. The next day when Chris came home Aiden asked him how many boxes he crushed that day:)

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