Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spring Concert

Kaylee had her spring orchestra concert was this week. I tried taking a few pictures with my phone, but they weren't turning out very well so I gave up and put it away. About half way through the second of her three songs I noticed other parents recording the songs with their phones (yes I'm that kind of genius for not thinking of it sooner) so I only got part of the second song and the last song. I could hear a great improvement from their winter concert. Kaylee will tell you it's just because the songs were better, but I will refer to my professional audience member status and agree with myself. During one of the songs Aiden said, "This song seems so familiar, I just can't remember where I've heard it before." Dalin was sure it was "Follow the Prophet". I'm more inclined to believe it had something to do with the fact that Kaylee had been practicing it for the last five months;) Kaylee has loved orchestra and her teacher asked her to be in the varsity orchestra next year!

*I have been trying to add the video for three days. Hopefully I can get it up soon

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