Monday, May 9, 2011


The nap I had this afternoon must have done me some good because I finally feel like getting caught up in the blogging world. We had a really nice Easter this year. Our Easter bunny is getting trickier and came Saturday afternoon and it took our kids a while to even notice that he had been around. The kids asked us to tell the Easter bunny to hide their baskets really well, and he certainly obliged. I like that he came on Saturday because it really made our Sunday more Christ centered. I decided to make the girls dresses this year. I've decided that I really like sewing, but no matter how prepared I think I am I always end up making ten extra trips to the fabric store and spend more than I store bought dress would cost. Not to mention the month long sewing occupation of our kitchen table:/ As much as I complain (and much to Chris's dismay) I would (and probably will) do it again:)

The crazy face pictures are my favorite!

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susan said...

Cute Dresses and the boys look very handsome in their ties. All cute kids!