Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Walmart Car

While we were in Salt Lake for the funeral I had an unfortunate meeting with a yellow parking lot post (at least I missed the car I was trying to avoid;). I let out an appropriate "CRAP!" and Aiden was sure that is going to affect my standing with Santa. Kaylee made the comment that "now our car looks like one of those crummy dented up cars you always see in the Walmart parking lot." The next day Chris was driving and the car in front of us came to a sudden stop, so we did as well. Dalin said "Fhew I'm glad we didn't crash, I don't like to crash." I replied, "I don't like to crash either." Without missing a beat he said, "Yes you do!" (Thanks pal!) I still feel smarter than the ladies we saw in the parking lot wearing only sleeveless cocktail mini-dresses in the 29 degree weather!

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Kim Edwards said...

ah bummer! I didn't even know that happened