Friday, April 4, 2008


I know this is an old picture, but it is my favorite of the boys.

I think kids in general are just plain funny. They have this trusting innocence and honesty that just make them hilarious. These are a few conversations I've had with the boys that make me smile just thinking about them.

Aiden: "Mom how long is just a second in adult time?"

Me (kidding): "About five minutes."

Aiden (a little dejected, but completely believing): "Oh."

Me: "Dalin do not hit."

Dalin: (While swinging at Aiden ) "Hit?"

Me: "No hitting, it is not okay!"

Dalin (raising his arm in a hitting fashion): "Hit?"

Me: "Da-lin! No hitting!"

Dalin: "Ooooooooh." (as if to say why didn't you say it that way before?)

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Megan said...

Sounds like Dalin is following in his father's footsteps. Although instead of Chris torturing his younger siblings, it looks like Dalin has the upperhand here. He has three older siblings to tease. Aiden, watch out for a bagel above your bed!