Saturday, January 19, 2008

Princesses and Politics

As sort of a Christmas gift for the girls, we got tickets to see Disney Princesses on Ice. I didn’t tell them about it until a couple of weeks after Christmas, so I don’t think they really realized they were for Christmas. It was really a lot of fun. Two of my sisters-in-law and their daughters came with us, and It was so cute to see how excited they all were to watch the show. The first five grandchildren on my side are girls, and it is so nice that they can all be such good friends. Kaylee and Ashton were a little disappointed that we didn’t get any souvenirs, but it’s hard to buy into the mania that is Disney when a cup of lemonade costs $10.00 because it’s in a “special cup”. I think that company is doing well enough without help from me thank you very much. We rode with my sister-in-law Natalie and her daughter Rachel and the girls were sitting in the back chatting away about how they “can’t believe that real Princesses were coming all the way to Henderson Nevada!” Ashton has told me a number of times that she wants to be a figure skater when she grows up, and I could just see her imagining herself as one of the performers on the ice. She was transfixed! I do have to wonder how people decide to do a gig like that. During the Beauty and the Beast part of the show, some of the skaters came out in costumes that looked like silverware wrapped in a napkin. It’s hard to imagine a little kid dreaming of being ice skating flatware, but who knows. It was a really fun girl’s night out.

While we were gone Chris decided to fix the garage door opener. Shortly into the project he realized that it needed a new motor, which he couldn’t find, so he and the boys ended up getting a new opener. I have to shout his praises because he had it all assembled, and almost ready to put up by the time I came home. This is with the “help” of Dalin. Dalin’s helping consists of sitting on your lap and trying to take away your tools because he’s sure he can do the job better. Chris has become quite the handy man during our marriage. He really can fix almost anything, but I am looking forward to the day when we can just pay someone else to do it for us.

Yesterday Chris and I went to the caucus for our precinct. It was an interesting process, but I have to admit that I was pretty ignorantas to how it worked. I didn’t realize that the caucus was in lieu of a primary election, which makes me feel cheated out of my vote. Harry Reid, the senator for Nevada, was toting the caucus as this great thing, but it seems to poor way to represent an entire state. It was one hour, whereas in an election there would be early voting and a whole election day for people to have the chance to vote. Not to mention it was held on a Saturday which is the Jewish Sabbath. And unlike and unlike any other state, there were caucuses at the casinos so that casino workers could vote. No other places of business held a caucus so their workers could vote. It all seems a little fishy to me. As it was the first year that this was done in Nevada there was utter confusion. People were getting turned away if they were late, which shouldn't have happened and I feel like a lot of people didn’t get to have a vote they other wise would have had. Chris went to the Democratic caucus as well (he likes to be in the thick of things) and he said it was worse than the Republican caucus . It was completely unorganized, and nobody really knew what was going on. He saw one of our very civic minded neighbors, and she said she would never go to one of those again. It’s hard to believe that here in the 21st century there isn’t a better way to do I will now step off of my soapbox and bid you all a goodnight.

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