Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Docs and Crocs

Aiden has been using the bathroom a lot lately, I mean four or five times in an hour. Diabetes runs in Chris’s family and in mine and going to the bathroom a lot is one of the signs that you might have diabetes, so when I took Dalin in for his 18 month check up yesterday I asked the doctor about it. He decided to do a glucose test, so Aiden had to give a urine sample. When we got into the bathroom he seemed a little concerned and he was very sure he did not want to pee in a cup. I finally convinced him it was okay, and we returned the cup to the nurse. While we were waiting my nephew (who I watch sometimes) asked if he could have a sucker when we left. I told him that would be fine and Aiden said, “I should be the one who gets to pick a sucker first, I’m the one who has to have an operation.” No wonder the kid was nervous. I explained that they were just checking to make sure his body didn’t have too much sugar in it, and he seemed less worried. The test turned out fine and the doctor said Aiden has probably just gotten into the habit of going so often, so we should try to have him space it out more. Who knows how kids get these sorts of ideas in their head.

For Christmas Chris gave me a pair of Crocs. Now I think these are probably the ugliest kind of shoes ever, luckily for me they were too small so I had a reason to take them back. Chris beat me to it. He exchanged them for my size, then I felt obligated to wear them. I still think they are ugly as all get out, but they have helped my feet more than any thing else I have tried. I have a lot of pain in my feet and these shoes have really helped my arch and feet feel much better. The reason Chris got them for me was because he wanted some himself. I was going to get him some for his birthday and I found a buy one get one half of sale online, so long story short now everyone in my family owns a pair of Crocs. I get a little crazy sometimes. The shoes Aiden has been wearing are skate shoes (Street Flyers to use their correct name) so I am pretty happy for him to have some shoes that don’t require me to pull him around everywhere we go.

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