Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How old are you?!?

At dinner last night I told Kaylee to say “wow dad 35 is almost 40!” She made it even better with her ad-libbing when she said, “I mean if I were to round your age to the nearest ten it would be forty.” That line made me laugh the whole rest of the night. Chris managed to act offended and their conversation went like this:

Kaylee: “Dad mom made me say it and if I didn’t I think I would be in trouble.”

Chris: “Well we’ll see the kind of trouble I’ll give you.”

Kaylee (with a sigh): “It’s just a lose, lose situation for me then.”

That girl was on a roll, Chris couldn’t even pretend to be mad he was laughing too much.

Our primary presidency had our first experience with the first of the year changes. You know where everyone changes classes and teachers, and we get new sunbeams coming to primary for the first time. I think it went pretty smoothly, we even had a teacher present for every class. That is the first time that has happened since I became part of the presidency. I was having a fun time watching our new sweet sunbeams. Our Sharing time was about how we are children of God and we will live with him again. At one point our president was talking about how sometimes we know someone who has passed away, but that was okay because we can remember that they went to live with Heavenly Father. This sparked a rush of kids telling us of someone they knew who had died. Not wanting to be left out, one of the sunbeams said, “My mom died.” His mom had brought him into the primary room so knew that wasn’t true, but the little girl sitting next to him very mater-of-factly turned to him and said, “Mom’s don’t die.” It’s going to be a fun year.

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