Friday, November 29, 2013

What a difference a couple months makes

You know that dog we got?  Yeah, Ferb (I hate that name) that's the one.  I had myself convinced that he was only going to be like ten pounds.  I mean he was only 3.5 pounds when we got him at two months old so that was a completely reasonable thought right?  Well now he's closer to 15 and still growing.  I know, I know that is still small, just not as small as I was hoping.  He's figured out how to win Aiden over.  Any time Aiden comes close to him, Ferb will roll over on his back so Aiden will give him tummy rubs.  I'm thinking he's going to be closer to the 20 pound range.  He's still really well behaved and cute, I guess we can keep him.

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