Friday, November 8, 2013

Halloween 2013

Poor Dalin, when the other kids were his age I was totally gung-ho when it came to Halloween and making costumes.  I would spend up to a month getting everything made.  Now I can hardly be bothered and it makes me cranky.  I mean what happened to the days where you put on some dirty clothes and called yourself a hobo?  I love how my kids think that I can create what ever costume they can think up (or do I?) So less than a week before Halloween  I begrudgingly started these costumes. Lucky for my kids I really like how they turned out and a few years of experience have made costume making less frustrating so I may be willing to to it all again next year.  There is a neighborhood close by that goes all out for Halloween and Chris wanted to check it out.  It was like a street party!  The street was blocked off and there were cars parked up to a half mile down the road. The kids spent the bulk of their time waiting in line for snow cones, but they had a lot of fun.

*Aiden wanted to be a castle so he could connect his bucket to the drawbridge then dump the candy into a bag hidden inside the castle.  People would then see his empty bucket and feel bad for him and give him extra candy.  It was a good plan in theory, but I wasn't willing to figure out how to connect the bucket so the plan fell apart.
Kaylee: Waldo, Ashton: the Tardis from Dr. Who, Aiden: a Castle, Dalin: Knight
Happy Halloween!

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