Friday, July 5, 2013


Chris loves to travel, and he's always up for an adventure so when his sister needed someone to drive her car to Oregon, he quickly volunteered.  I have always wanted to see Oregon, and I like to hang out with Chris so I decided to tag along.  His sister and her husband paid for the gas, hotel and flight home so it was like a free mini vacation.  Aaaand it was still less expensive then if they had hired some one to do it.  It was a long drive, but Chris is good at driving and I am good at staying awake and thinking of stuff to talk to Chris about to keep him awake.  We had one day to hang out with Lindsay and her family and be tourists.  I think the thing Chris was looking forward to the most was visiting the food trucks.  He is a food truck fan and there are a few spots where several of them" park" (as in stay there all the time and don't drive around and use the truck feature of their food truck).  I couldn't believe it but Chris only ended up getting stuff from three places!  He might be losing his edge.  It was really short but a lot of fun!
Portland Temple.  It is so beautiful!  You can see it from the freeway and the neighborhood it is in is gorgeous.  Unfortunately the power was out in the area so we only got to see the outside.

Voodoo doughnuts.  It is pretty popular, I think this was on a food network show or something.  All the sites we looked up about Portland told us to visit.  It's open 24 hours, and there was a constant line.

The rose garden was beautiful.  It was pretty hot (for Portland) while we were there so the flowers were a little wilty, but it was still so pretty

I tried to be a photographer, but I was totally showed up by my niece.  This was the best shot I got .  I like it but I may have to get some copies of the ones she took

Chris and the Visentine crew.  They are pretty practiced in the art of the crazy face picture:)

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