Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I have really been wanting to get out of town lately and of course spring break would be the time to do that, right?  Plans didn't really come together buuuuut we live in a vacation destination (duh) so we decided to take advantage of that fact.  We got a couple of rooms for cheapie at Sunset Station then did everything that place had to offer.  There was the pool that was was fa-reeezing. I braved putting my feet in for a couple of minutes and the kids only lasted a few minutes longer than that.  Next was the arcade, dinner at the food court, and off to the movies where we watched "The Croods". The kids took advantage of having their own room and stayed up late.  Dalin was looking forward to the buffet  the entire time and he wasn't disappointed .  Really he wanted a plate full of bacon of which he ate maybe three pieces. Then it was off to bowling.  It was less then 24 hours but it was a fun break.
Of course I forgot to document the fun (so much for new year resolutions) so I only got this last minute buffet picture

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