Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Apparently that's my schtik

shtick (from dictionary.com)

noun Slang.
(especially in comic acting) a routine or piece of business inserted to gain a laugh or draw attention to oneself.
one's special interest, talent, etc.

Whenever I see someone jump off of something or take the stairs to fast or run on uneven ground, I think to myself "You could break your ankle that way."  Why does this thought come into my mind?  Because that's what I do.  I break or badly sprain my foot more often than someone should.  The latest injury to add to the list?  Coming off the last step in front of Panda Express and rolling my ankle on Wednesday night. (Tada! they didn't even have the dish I wanted, boo!) Luckily for me (if you can call it luck) the car was just a few steps away and Chris was in it so he was able help me get me into the car and off to quick care.  Within minutes there was an egg sized lump on the side of my foot.  I never even get a cool story to go along with my injuries.  Let me tell you, I know the lady at the check-in desk, the nurse and the doctor are just trying to make sure I'm not being abused or something but it's a little embarrassing to have to repeat over and over that really I'm just a klutz.  The quick care doctor thought I might have a break but she wasn't completely sure so I was referred to a podiatrist.  I couldn't get in until Monday so it was a weekend of crutches for me. (crutches are lame btw)  Chris being the super terrific husband that he is, took a couple of days off to help me out, and if it hadn't been for the injury it would have been a nice little vacation.  The podiatrist said it was a class three sprain (hooray no cast and no more crutches!) I have to keep it wrapped most of the time so I don't get to wear any of my cute shoes for a while but I guess I should b grateful for the walking without assistance part of the deal.

The pictures don't really do it justice.  The bruising looked like when the people on "V" peeled off their skin to show their true alien self.  Chris is afraid of it.

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