Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The kids had their two week winter break and I had all kinds of plans to keep them busy and we accomplished approximately zero of those plans (that is just a rough estimate, it could be less:)

We did make it to story time with Santa on the beach on Christmas Eve. There was free hot chocolate and s'more kits. Lots o' fun!

Christmas was really nice, but no pictures. Our kids have been known to wake up at an obscene hour on Christmas morning so Chris decided to set a trap. He put a pie tin between the door and the door frame so when someone opened the door the pie tin would drop and noise and panic would abound. I think he was as excited about his trap as the kids were to get presents. Unfortunately the girls had a "No Boys Allowed" sign on their door that caught their pie tin before it fell to the floor and they found and deactivated the boys booby trap:) Never fear, Chris is working on bigger and better for next year. The kids got a pretty good haul of loot, which they played with for all of 5 minutes before asking if they could watch TV. Maybe it's time to implement a Christmas trip instead of gifts. At least that would get used. I loved that Christmas was on a Sunday this year! It was a wonderful way to remember the birth of our Savior and the reason for the season.

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