Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ashton is ELEVEN!

Ashton isn't the biggest fan of cake so she asked for birthday sugar cookies. Yes I forgot the "h" in birthday, there is always something;)

My little Ashton is 11. I'm not sure I've ever written about the day she was born so I thought this was the perfect occasion to remedy that. Ashton was due on Feb. 25th so I thought I had a little more time to be ready. I started having contractions about 3am on Feb 15th. My first thoughts were, "Thank goodness she won't be born on Valentines day." and "I can't have this baby now, I have a ton of laundry! Even if some kind soul offered to do my laundry I don't have any soap!" The contractions were about 7-10 minutes apart for almost two hours. Chris was working nights so I wanted to be sure it was for real before I called him to come home. I also did not want to go to the hospital only to have them send me home because it wasn't "for realsies". Finally around 5:30 the contractions subsided and I was able to go to sleep. By the time Chris got home at 8:30 I wasn't laboring at all(not that I could feel anyway) . Chris was able to go to bed, and Kaylee and I were able to get the soap and finish the laundry. The contractions started up again about 6pm but they were pretty irregular and bearable. We finally decided to take Kaylee over to my parents at 8:00. Chris was a little nervous and driving kind of fast. The last time we had done this we barely made it to the hospital before Kaylee was born. I told him to slow down because we would get there in plenty of time, but once we dropped off Kaylee the contractions were really strong and close together. Luckily the hospital was less than five minutes away from my parents, because now the pain was PAIN! When we got to the hospital she was definitely ready to be born. There was a flurry of nurses trying to get my IV in and having me fill out paperwork (kind of pointless because I was hurting so much, there was no way anything I wrote was legible). Forty-five minutes later at 9:16pm our beautiful baby girl was born. "Sweetest Thing" by U-2 was playing on the radio as we were driving to the hospital and she has certainly lived up to her song. She is a blessing in our lives and we are so happy she is part of our family.


C.A.L.L.L.L. said...

Hope Ashton had a happy "birtday." She is "the sweetest thing."

susan said...

Aww sweet Ashton. I love her

Kim Edwards said...

Happy Birthday Ashton! Such a perfect age :)