Saturday, June 5, 2010

That's why we love the internet

Our car has been having a couple of issues for the past few weeks, and because we are going on a loooooong road trip soon I took it to the dealership to get checked out. Most of my concerns were taken care of and covered under the extended warranty which was fabu. The air conditioner in the back that only works on the highest setting however was not. The mechanic told me it was going to be $275, and when I asked if it was difficult he said oh yeah definitely. So I was resolved to just let the kids deal with it. We do live in Vegas after all and the temperature surely warrants the highest setting. Besides the front air worked fine, so it really didn't bother me;) I told the guy no thanks to that repair and went home. This particular car malfunction really bothers Chris so he decided to look up how to do the repair online and see how difficult it really was. Turns out not very. The part was only $20 and with the step by step directions Chris found, it only took about fifteen minutes start to finish. Now if only everything car related turned out to be that inexpensive.


Kaylee said...

Of course, now there's something wrong with the brakes ;P

Natalie, Brian, Rachel, Erick said...

I always knew Chris could be handy!! Those mechanics are a rip off!!!

The Zoo Keeper said...

That's so funny. I just fixed our toilet after googling the words" toilet makes a chugging noise after flushing" who knew someone else in the world described it in the very same way!!! cost to fix...FREE!!! I LOVE Google and yes..I would marry it if I could! ;)