Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Kaylee!

Well our dear sweet Kaylee has turned eleven. ELEVEN! For her birthday Chris and I gave her a "reverse perm" (that's what they called it). She got her hair chemically straightened. It's not completely straight, but it's so much easier to comb through so it was totally worth it. We also were able to go to an advanced screening of Toy Story 3 the night before her birthday. I have said a number of times how excited Kaylee gets about birthdays and holidays and she always gets up early. Because we got in late after the movie, she actually slept a little longer. She hasn't done that since she experienced her very first birthday. As a matter of fact, she was so excited after her first birthday party, that when we tried to put her to bed that night she ran back and forth in her crib for about a half hour. It was to cute. After that she was hooked. We are so lucky to have Kaylee in our family. She is smart, funny and beautiful. She is a wonderful oldest child and a great example to her family. We Love You Kaylee!



There is a bakery in the same shopping center so we stopped for a cupcake.

Birthday morning.

Kaylee doesn't have much of a sweet tooth (is she really my daughter?) so cupcakes in her classroom was enough for her. We put candles in her pancake (her favorite dinner.)

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susan said...

Oh my gosh Kaylee looks so grown up in the picture with the cupcake. Welcome to the tweens. Happy Birthday Kaylee