Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kaylee's Backpack

I know this looks like Kaylee's backpack is unzipped, but no, it is torn and frayed beyond repair. She's been carrying it around like this for about a month now. I offered Chris's old backpack which, by the way, is still in fine condition but she decided it was to ugly (it's a black jansport with a brown leather bottom, horrid I know). She hasn't complained to me, but she has said her classmates may be taking up a collection to get her a new one for her birthday. I was trying to hold out until the new school year, because they cost less and I'm only getting her one to last through middle school. Besides who doesn't want to take new on the first day of school? But it's driving me crazy and I don't think I can handle it any more. Now it should only take a few more weeks to get her to settle on her right bag.

p.s. Don't faint at the thought that Chris actually wrote a post, I didn't realize I wasn't signed in


C.A.L.L.L.L. said...

I have a burgundy Jansport backpack that I got when I was a junior in college which is still in excellent condition. I have certainly got my money's worth out of it.

The Zoo Keeper said...

We have a wide array of backpacks if she would like to come shopping at my house...its free!!