Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh Vanity!

So I'm ready to tell the mushroom cut story. Like I said I had an appointment for a free haircut. I was a little nervous to start out with because I figured the people giving the free appointments were probably new hairstylists trying to build a client base. The place had salon in the name so I was trying to be optimistic. Chris had an appointment right before mine and his cut turned out great, so I was thinking it would be okay after all. A few minutes before my appointment my stylist came up to me to tell me she had to do something really quick, but that she would be right back. I realized that she didn't speak very much english and I started to panic. I could hardly explain what I wanted done, how would I communicate what I wanted when we couldn't understand each other. I hurried and found a picture of something I kind of liked and showed it to her. It was supposed to be right under my chin, but she made the first cut on my wet hair right at my chin. Once the first cut is made all you can do is hope it turns out okay. It didn't. I didn't cry, but I was not happy and I made an appointment to get it fixed by my regular stylist.

Fast forward a week. After styling it myself for a few days I decided it wasn't as terrible as I originally thought. on the day of my fix it appointment I almost canceled because I thought I could live with the cut after all, but it was still uneven and needed to be tweaked a little bit. She tweaked it too much and now it looks worse than before. It looks choppy and uneven and I can only be upset at myself and my vanity. I'm going to spare myself and not put my own picture up, but to hide the tragedy I'm wearing my hair flipped up and it now looks like the mom on that 70's show (only hers looks better).

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Katrina said...

The picture didn't work! I can't see it. :(