Monday, November 2, 2009

20 LBS.!!!

I'm not talking about my weight here. That is how much all the candy my kids collected on Halloween weighed. Every year we go visit our friend from Boston (who thinks our kids are wicked cute) then we go trick-or-treating in her neighborhood. It's only two blocks, but the kids filled up their buckets twice! I think it was a success. Now if I can just keep myself from eating it all.

Kaylee as Hermione Granger. She made a spell book and quill pen herself.

Ashton as the tiger/cat

Everyone was Kung Fu fighting! Aiden and Jayden were ninjas.

That is one serious superman face! Is it a conflict of interests for superman to wear spiderman shoes?

1 comment:

Natalie, Brian, Rachel, Erick said...

They all looked great! And after 10 years of making costumes yourself, you deserve a break. (You did have a bad couple of days there...)