Monday, April 13, 2009

Wow We Sing With One Accord

Our primary chorister gave the kids a paper to fill out while they were watching general conference. Aiden was excited that he had the skills to actually write the answers himself, and it really helped that they show the names of the speakers three times while they talk. Some of the questions asked who some of the speakers were and what they talked about. Aiden would listen for about one minute then ask me what the talk was about. He was having a hard time waiting through the whole talk. The girls seemed to be doing well on their own, so I didn't worry about checking over their papers. Only five or six kids actually gave their papers back to the chorister so I was reading through them. Under the question "What was your favorite song the Tabernacle Chior sang?" Ashton wrote "Wow We Sing With One Accord." Too cute.

We actually got an Easter picture before church this year, I usually forget. Aiden has an interesting fashion sense. He hates wearing pants with zippers or buttons, he thinks if a shirt has buttons you should only wear it to church, he hates tucking his shirt in and he hates to wear a tie. He got a new church shirt for Easter and I tried to istitute a new rule that he had to tuck his shirt in for church. We had a minor melt down, and I told him he could wear a tie or tuck his shirt in feeling sure he would choose tuck over tie. I was wrong. Oh well I'll keep working on it.

Aiden has this very thick and very stubborn hair. No matter how I style it, it always looks the same within an hour. Yesterday, for the first time, it stayed styled all through church. On our way to the car after our meetings I was telling Aiden how handsome I thought he looked mostly refering to the fact that he was wearing a tie, but I had my hand on his head as I was saying it. Dalin (who hates to get his hair combed so his style was just a step above bedhead) started patting his head and told me, "I didn't wear my handsome today."


Stjerne said...

Awww, they look adorable! Your kids are getting big so fast. Time sure flies.

Jeni said...

What a cute picture! Aiden and his clothing rules, crack me up. Cole has some, but not related to church clothes. I love the "Wow We Sing With One Accord." It appeals to me on many levels.

susan said...

your kids say the best things. You should introduce Aiden to zipper ties,they are fun and dressy. Austin wore one today. Everyone looked wonderful on Easter morning.Love you all