Thursday, April 9, 2009

Are we lazy, or are we boring?

I would say a little of both (the lazy part applying to me). After our vacation last month the kids only had to go back to school for two weeks before they started their spring break this week. I don't know why so many people are opposed to year round school, I love getting a break every nine weeks and taking vacations in the middle of the school year. Anyway, our time off has been pretty relaxed and the girls are taking advantage of sleeping in. We went to the very cool playground at Town Square outdoor mall. I know every other person with kids in this valley has already been there but this was our first time and the kids loved it.

The merry-go-round was a favorite of everyone. I think because they could all fit at the same time

Aiden tried to put on a play, but he was more concerned with collecting ticket so they only had time to take a bow before it was time to leave.

More evidence that Kaylee is getting to big. She tried to fit herself into one of the rent-a-carts at the mall. I'm kind of freaking out that she's going to be ten in two months!

Some of you may remember Aiden's love of toast (it is one of my favorite stories). I didn't realize the power it holds over my boy. Aiden's two bottom front teeth have grown in behind his baby teeth (we lovingly call them his shark teeth). Aiden is not a fan of dental work any where so he was unwilling to let me any where near his semi loose teeth. On Monday he wanted two peices of cinnamon toast shortly before we were going to have dinner. I told him if he let me pull his tooth he could have the toast. He asked what he had to do to get three peices and I told him he had to let me pull both of his teeth. He stuck with two peices, and luckily for him (and me) it came out on the first pull. Like I said his big teeth have already mostly grown in so it's hard to see where the tooth came out, but it's gone and I am really proud of him.

My uncle Andy is running for Henderson mayor, and Tuesday was the primary election. My kids love it when Andy is in an election because he has a party with ice cream and various other snacks while we wait for the results. Andy was getting interviewed and they wanted a group of his supporters standing behind him. For some reason they decided to do the interview outside. Ashton came and said she heard there was atv camera and she wanted to be part of it. Chris took her to find the action and she told him, "When we find the camera I'll stand there and they'll want to interview ne because I have a sweet smile." That she does. Anyway, my uncle won in the primary and he's moving on to the general election in June. WOO HOO! VOTE FOR ANDY!

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I need to take your tooth pulling class.