Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Birthdays Party

Because our Hafen cousins are continually expanding and everyone lives here in town, we've decided to have one combined birthday party for all of the birthdays of each month. So far all of the birthdays are right around each other so none of the parties have been really early or really late for anyone. Last night we celebrated Kaylee, Dalin and my niece Rachel's birthday. My brother Brian and his wife Natalie (Rachel's parents) hosted the festivities which is always fun because they have a fantastic backyard for playing. There was presents, cake and ice cream, and a blow up pool that was big enough and just deep enough for all those little people brave enough to handle the cold water. All the birthday kids got a pretty good haul of loot and everyone had fun.

Kinsey, Ashton, Rachel & Aiden

This is my nephew Lance, he loves to dress for the occasion. I think he was going for a Gilligan/Skipper theme.

Dalin loves balls, so he got a soccer ball cake and Kaylee and Rachel's bee is surrounded by flower cupcakes.

It was a little too breezy so I don't think these kids actually got to blow out any candles.

Dalin making sure every one gets some ice cream. He was chanting"heavy" the whole time he was carrying it.


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