Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pesky Little Brothers II

On our way home from Idaho we were able to stop in Salt Lake for a few days to celebrate Chris’s grandma’s 91st birthday. Her actual birthday isn’t until the 19th but when you’ve had that many birthdays the whole month should be a celebration! We went to the park and had lunch and visited with Chris’s grandma, aunt and uncle while the kids played their hearts out. It was really nice and I think fun was had by all.

Aunt Joan, Chris and Grandma Edwards

The girls finished their school year last Friday, and I am so happy to have a break from making sure everyone is ready and out the door by 8:45 am. Chris thinks I’m funny because I’m always so ready for school to get out, but I’m even more ready for school to start again. We are trying to stay busy so the kids don’t get too bored, but when it is 104 degrees by 9:30 in the morning it’s hard to want to go anywhere.

I have another little brother story courtesy of Dalin. Aiden wasn’t feeling very well the other day and he had fallen asleep on the floor. Dalin thinks anyone on the floor must be there to play so he kept trying to climb and sit on Aiden. I had told him many times to leave Aiden alone and he did for a few minutes then the little sneaker sat down next to Aiden and started rocking back and forth against his legs to try and wake him up.

One last story, we were at Costco yesterday and we were getting ready to leave, and as usual Chris and I had gotten separated. Ashton looked toward the back of the store and said,”There’s dad I see his Jazz shirt.” I told her that wasn’t Chris, but she was absolutely positive it was him, until we got closer. “Oh your right mom, that wasn’t dad.” So we were in search mode once again. Ashton then said,” I’ll keep a look out for him mom, I have eyes like an eagle.”

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