Friday, July 20, 2007

On the Road Again

We hadn’t really planned on going out of town this summer, but so far we have been to California, Idaho, Salt Lake and St. George Utah. Tomorrow we hit the road again. My cousin is got married today and is having his reception in St. George. Next weekend we have a family reunion at my grandpa’s ranch. The week after that Kaylee will be baptized and to end our traveling season (I think) we will head back to St. George another cousin’s wedding. We always enjoy getting together with our family so it’s been fun, even if we hadn’t planned all of these trips. I was recently called to be the secretary for the primary in our ward and so far I really enjoy it, but I feel bad because I have been gone so much, but we will be coming home on Saturday for the rest of trips.

Speaking of my new calling, I really enjoy it. I don’t have to teach or do sharing time and I get to hear all of the cute things the primary kids say, (like if Aiden had to leave his home and go across the plains, fruit snacks would be #1 on his list to take).

Oh I forgot the big news in our house is that Kaylee got her ears pierced last week. I have been debating on what was a good age for my girls to get their ears pierced and Chris and I decided that if Kaylee was old enough to decide to get baptized, she’s old enough to decide to get her ears pierced. She did really well, and she didn’t cry at all. I was afraid that she might decide it hurt too much after the first ear was done and not want to get her other ear done, but she was a trooper and now she tells anyone who will listen about her experience. We usually get together with my family for Sunday dinner, but my parents are out of town so she hasn’t seen her cousins to share the excitement.

Okay this is getting long, but since I put it out there, let me tell you about my parents being out of town. My brother Jordon was released from his mission last Friday, and my parents went to Portugal to pick him up. They get to spend about two weeks in Europe, but I’m not sure exactly all of their stops. They rented a car with a GPS system, but they have learned that those aren’t always the most reliable. We got an email from my dad the other day, and I know the spirit must be with them, because if it had taken them any longer to find the mission home, I think my dad would have unleashed some American style road rage on the impatient taxi drivers of Lisbon. They will be home on Thursday and I am so excited to see my brother again.

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