Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pesky Little Brothers

I have a funny little story about Aiden and Dalin. We went to the car dealership to get the oil changed on our van today. There is a bounce house in the showroom so I told Aiden he could play while we were waiting. He had taken his shoes off to get in, and away he went to bounce to his hearts content. I was helping Dalin walk around when he spotted Aiden’s shoes and made his way to them. He picked up one of the shoes and we kept walking around. Aiden noticed his shoe was gone and came after us to get it back. After that Dalin thought it was a game. He went back and picked up the shoe again and he started to get away as fast as his little baby legs would take him, but Aiden didn’t notice. He headed back to the bounce house and Dalin started grunting until Aiden looked up to see that he had the shoe. The chase was on. Aiden caught us, and in his words, “the battle is on.” We played for about 30 min, and Dalin made sure Aiden saw him every time before he would make his get away. It was so cute, but totally something Chris would do. We may be in trouble.

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