Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's All Your Fault, I Screen My Phone Calls

Ashton’s friend Julian has been calling again and I think her patience is wearing thin, because she has started screening the phone calls that come into our home. She can’t actually read the names on the caller i.d., but she just assumes all of the calls are from Julian, and she’s usually right. We went to the drive in movies last night and we got home pretty late so the kids (except Dalin) slept in until after nine. Julian had already called three times before Ashton woke up. When he finally got to talk to Ashton this is what we heard on our end. “Julian I can’t talk right now, I’m helping my dad paint the bathroom…why don’t you call your grandma… well then talk to your mom…then talk to your dad.” I don’t know if she realizes that not everyone has most of their extended family in town, and how lucky she is to have that. At least she gives him options when she doesn't want to talk to him.

Chris has decided that Dalin is ready to walk so he practices with him everyday. I’m not really ready for that, but it is very cute to see how proud Dalin is of himself when he takes the few steps he can. It was funny to me how excited I got when I saw him take his first step, like I hadn't been through it three times before. I never wondered if I would have enough love for all of my children, even so I'm amazed by just how much love I do have for each of them. Dalin is just growing so fast, he will be a year old in less than a month and I just can't believe it. Speaking of time flying, Kaylee will be getting baptized next month. She is really excited because she will be the first one in her primary class to be baptized. I have to admit that I am pretty excited too. It just blows my mind whenever I stop to think about it.

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