Thursday, April 26, 2007

Take your child to work day

Today was “Take Your Child to Work Day”, so Kaylee and Ashton went to work with Chris. Since Chris is the tech support for most of the state agencies in Las Vegas the girls got visit a lot of different places. They went to the governors’ office, sports, film industry, buildings and grounds and the taxi cab authority. They even got permits to be taxi drivers; it’s nice to know they will have something to fall back on. They got slurpees and ice cream and they ended the day on the rooftop of the office building. It was almost better than Disneyland for them. They started making a video at the beginning of the day, until the camera battery died, but the part I got to see was pretty cute. It was interesting for me to see because I hear all about Chris’s job, but I have never actually seen his office or any of the people he works with.

This is a conversation Chris overheard last night between Ashton and her new phone friend. “Julian I think you should only call here five times a day. Okay only two or three times a day. No Julian 100 times a day is just silly. Okay six times, and that’s my final offer.” She really is too nice sometimes.

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