Monday, April 16, 2007

The County Fair

Happy Birthday (yesterday) Brandon!

We were able to go to the county fair on Saturday, and as much as I hate crowds and traffic, we actually had a pretty fun time. A guy that Chris works with gave us tickets and fed us, so aside from the sno-cones and cotton candy, the day was free. Chris has gotten pretty queasy in his old age so I ended up going on the swinging, spinning and/or flying rides with the kids. Kaylee was the brave on this time and she was determined to go on all of the rides. I think the rides swing higher and spin faster than they did when I was a kid, because while Kaylee thought I was holding on to her to make her feel better, it was actually for my own comfort. One of the rides we went on, (the Tornado), lifts you up in the air and spins around and you can spin the individual car that you are in as fast as you want. As the ride started and we were spinning I asked Aiden if we were going to fast, to which he replied, “No my bum thinks this is great!” Who knows when that kid’s bum became the barometer of fun? We tried to let the kids have a true fair experience by taking them to see the farm animals, but being the city kids they are they decided it wasn’t worth enduring the smell. You’d never guess they are related to farmers. We were lucky to have gotten there when we did, because by the time we left the wind was blowing so hard, that most of the rides had been shut down and the lines for the rides that were open were ridiculously long. So our timing was just right.

Dalin is getting cuter everyday. I hang a dish towel on the refrigerator handle, and Dalin loves that he can reach it when he is in his walker so he takes it down whenever he get the chance. The other day I was sitting in the front room, and Dalin comes zooming out holding the towel on his shoulders like he was a superhero. It was pretty funny.

For any of you who were following the Hafen for council campaign I have an update. You may recall that my uncle won by a slim margin. His opponent decided to ask for a recount, but the results were the same, so we are celebrating again. Then again our life is always a party right?

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