Monday, February 12, 2007

Cool Kid Class

Chris is okay! The doctor went over the results of the CT scan with him and he didn’t seem overly concerned with any of the results. His spleen was slightly enlarged but the doctor said that was probably because he had been sick. He wants him to get another scan in six months just to make sure. There were a few fat deposits on his liver which is usually an indicator of high cholesterol but his cholesterol was fine. So he is in good health for now and we are very thankful. I didn’t realize how worried I had been until he told me the doctor said he was okay. I felt like I hadn’t taken a full breath until that moment.

Ashton has taken it upon herself to initiate a “cool kid class” to teach Kaylee and Aiden how to be cool. I’m not sure what the lessons consist of but apparently ten lesson have to be completed in order to graduate, (I’m sure I will be corrected on any of the details I may have confused). One day Ashton was taking Kaylee outside to have class and I could see Aiden following at a distance and then stop at the door to watch. I asked him why he wasn’t having class too, “I got expelled.” I don’t know what exactly happened, but the rumor is there was an incident during spy school.

The other day Kaylee and I were gone and Chris was going to take a shower. Dalin was just waking up so Chris asked Ashton if she would take care of Dalin for a few minutes until he was done. When Chris was done he went into the other room to put on his shoes and Ashton shouted out, “That is so immature, you guys are playing video games and you leave me alone to take care of the baby!”

I’ll leave you with another Ashton and Aiden backseat conversation. I came in halfway through but this is what I heard.

Aiden: “Grandpa Hal has a robot leg. Some people ride in wheelchairs and if they don’t have a wheelchair they break there leg so they can use one.”

Ashton: “I’m glad he has a robot leg, because now he has a wheelchair to give us rides.”

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