Sunday, January 7, 2007

Pillow Fights

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CHRIS!!!! Today Chris becomes "a 34 year old man!" One of Kaylee's favorite things to do is to point out how old her dad is. When ever he isn't quite acting his age she will exclaim, "dad you are a 34 year old man!!" The Nintendo (from the last blog) was his birthday present as well as Christmas, and he has been making good use of it.

I got a new pillow a few months ago and I don't know if Aiden didn't notice it before or if he just finally decided that he really liked it, but a couple of weeks ago he started sneaking in my room right before bed and taking my pillow to his room to sleep with. I would in turn go take it from under his head and replace it with his own pillow before I go to bed. He's getting bolder every day and one day he announced to me that he was going to sleep with my pillow and I better not take it from him while he was sleeping or he would be really mad at me for alot of days. I took it back anyway. At seven the next morning I wake up to someone tugging on my pillow. I open my eyes and there is Aiden, ready to fight telling me I shouldn't have taken the pillow. I let him have it back but only because I had just gotten Dalin back to sleep and I didn't want the tantrum I could feel coming on to wake him up. I told him he could only have it if he went back to bed. He left still upset and I heard his over dramatic crying, "I wanted to sleep on the pillow the whole ni-i-i-i-i-ght!" He got some money from great grandpa Romney for Christmas so I told him he could get his own pillow, but we can only find a king size one, and that kid is spoiled enough he doesn't need a king size pillow for his four year old head! We'll keep looking and hopefully the battles will subside.

Kaylee's was assigned a report on Italy for school. They have a book to fill out and a poster to make, and then they are going to have a little program and feast. She is pretty excited, and started looking things up on the internet right away. She told me that her teacher said they should bring a sample of food from their country that they liked and Kaylee said, "but I think I'll just bring spagetti anyway." There are few things Kaylee actually likes to eat and I don't think any of them originate in Italy.

Ashton's reading is coming along really well. We got some first reader books from the library and she was able to sound out most of the words. She answered the phone the other day and this is what I heard on my end. "No he's still at work but you can call back when you think he might be home."

My sister-in-law is letting us borrow a baby walker for Dalin and he is quite a little natural. Because we have wood floors he can speed across the room pretty well, but he hasn't quite figured out how exactly to go the direction he wants to yet. He is happy to be mobile, so now I can actually set him down and get a few things done when he's not asleep.