Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year and the BIG 4-0

Since we rolled back into town on new years eve after a three day drive, we decided to just call it a night.  Well Chris and I did, but the kids were offended at the idea of going to bed early on new years eve so we told them if they let us sleep they could stay up.  And they did.  I think their big celebration consisted of  watching the fireworks on TV but better than sleeping through it I guess. The next day Dalin was asking what resolutions are and why people make them.  I told him they were things people wanted to accomplish or do better.  He said, "I think my new year resolution will be to grow a mustache."  "Really?" I asked.  "Yeah, I know I can't really, but nobody ever keeps their resolutions anyway."  That kid and his mustaches:)

A few day later we celebrated Chris and his 40 year accomplishment.  I say accomplishment because have you heard some of the stories of his youth?  Yeah he's lucky to be alive.  His birthday was pretty low key, just like he likes it.  I made his favorite dinner (ribs and mashed potatoes), we had cupcakery cupcakes aaaand he got a new recliner because his other one was spitting up sawdust.  Happy birthday love!
The cupcakes and the chair and the photobomber Dalin

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