Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

I think I was pretty costumed out this year.  I really didn't even think about it until a week into October.  The kids had some thoughts on what they wanted to be, but it's hard to put sooo much work into a costume and no one knows what it is (vain I know).  i.e. Ashton wanted to be Galinda from Wicked.  Not the fairy-esque good witch with the sparkly poofy dress , the school uniform new student of Shiz with a "ga".  Cute but not easily recognizable.  About a week and a half before Halloween I decided everyone was going to be a Lego or they could make their own costume.  Kaylee decided to make her own and I was able to make three costumes in a day and a half for less than $20.  I think I like this new kind of laid back Halloween:)

In my new chill Halloween attitude I completely forgot to take pictures.  This was the end of the Halloween haul.  Kaylee was the nyan cat, some internet sensation.  She has a rainbow cape on the back.  She made it mostly by herself and I am very impressed.  The tech-savvy generation she belongs to knew exactly what she was.  The adults on the other hand needed an explanation.  By Halloween night she was tired of explaining so she took off the cat ears and  told people she was a pop tart:)  She's clever that one!
Nyan Cat

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