Monday, June 11, 2012

Dalin 6.0

Birthday number six!  Dalin is such a fun kid and six is proving to be just as fun.  Here are the favorites:

Food: Watermelon
Show:  Ninjago
Movie:  The Avengers
Color: Green
Thing to do: Flips in the swimming pool
Catchphrase:  "Coulda told me that!"

Dinner at Red Robin.  He really wanted to be sung to.  It was all he could talk about for weeks:)

We had his favorite watermelon "cake" and Chris decided a watermelon eating contest was in order.  I think Ashton finished first, but they were all winners with their watermelon scented boogers;)

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Kim Edwards said...

Kristen! I love your bangs in that Red Robin picture. So cute!! AAANNND Happy Birthday little buddy :)