Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We were able to travel to Utah this past weekend to go see my brother Austin bless his baby. It was kind of a big deal so I was really happy that we were able to go. My brother Brandon was able to make it down and it was great to see him, even if he didn't bring his baby. (Yep it's all about the babies now).

We haven't been out of town for quite a while so we decided to tourist it up a little while we were there. We went to the fancy new museum of natural history in Salt Lake with Grandma Romney and Craig. We followed that up with a visit to "The Pie" pizzeria where we got waaay to much pizza that lasted until after we got home. Of course there are no pictures because I didn't have the camera and I never really think to use my phone (lame).

After we said good by to grandma and Craig we decided to go to the zoo. It was pretty cold so most of the animals were asleep or hidden away. We did find a playful monkey that would put it's hand up to the glass when the kids put their hands up. And we also saw a giraffe that kept spitting on the wall then licking it up over and over again. Yes disgusting, and yes we stayed there the longest, I'll spare you the video.

Hatching Ashton

Token monkey measuring
On the way down to Provo Chris asked if I wanted to stop at IKEA. I've never been there and every time we've passed by it was always a Sunday or we don't have time (two points Chris always brings up with mock sympathy) so I was surprised that he even mentioned it. We ended up having dinner there then putting the boys in the child care (the girls were to tall much to their dismay) then wandering around the store. It was kind of fun, and I think it was the highlight for the kids.

The other blessing of the trip is that our car actually made it home. It was struggling on hills and we were worried we might have to replace the transmission while out of town but we made it home safe and sound
and it's been working fine since.

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