Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

I had to look up the Halloween post from last year to see if I vowed to never make costumes again. I did not..but I definitely was not as gung-ho about making costumes this year. Luckily we found most of Kaylee's costume at Goodwill and Aiden borrowed his from his cousin so I only made two. With that said, here is Edwards Halloween 2011 edition.

Mad Hatter. The awesome hat (and receiver of much compliments) courtesy of Aunt Megan

Greek goddess Aphrodite

Harry Potter
Aang the last air bender (the cartoon version, not the awful movie version). I love how this one turned out. Not to shabby eh?

This is the pile of candy the kids gave Chris without his even asking. We have some sweeties:)

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Kim Edwards said...

How cute are all their costumes!! I love seeing what kids choose. It's so fun!