Monday, August 15, 2011

The Lazy Days of Summer...emphasis on lazy

This is our first full summer and I had all kinds of plans. Unfortunately I forgot one thing. It is H-O-T, hot! I mean the kind of hot that makes you tell your husband to ask for a transfer up north so you never have to deal with this kind of summer heat again. We did make it out of the house a couple of times, but I'm afraid there aren't too many pictures to prove it. Here are the few pictures that show we do know what the world outside our four walls look like.

Kaylee and the newest beehives on their way to their first girls camp. I know it doesn't really look like they were headed to camp, but they did baptisms for the dead in St. George on the way.

We took our annual library sponsored trip too Shark Reef. Again you can't really tell we were there, but trust me we were.

We did cousin shopping and I didn't get any pictures of the girls. This was the first year we took the boys and the only picture I got was their "huddle" to decide what kind of shirt to get.

We went to the temple with our primary and it was AWESOME! It really deserves it's own post but I'll refer you back to the lazy part of the title.

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