Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Aiden's Baptism

I am currently all consumed by the creation of Halloween costumes so a lot of other areas of my life have been getting neglected i.e. blogging, housework, grocery shopping even (I'm embarrassed to say) some of the bills (no worries we're all good now). This post is long over due, but the occasion is no less important. On October 9 Aiden was baptized, and to make the day even more special his soccer team got their first win (I'm sure it added to the Spirit:) My dad gave a talk on baptism and my youngest brother who recently received his mission call was able to be one of the witnesses. It seems like we always have some sort of hitch when our kids get baptized (we had to go to a funeral when Kaylee was supposed to be baptized, and Dalin dropped a heavy wooden box on his toe right before we left for Ashton's) and this time was no different. After Aiden had been baptized we were all headed to another room for the conformation when I noticed that none of the members of our bishopric were there to preside over that part of the meeting. Luckily the bishop only lives a few minutes away so we didn't have to wait for to long, but I still found it funny because of course that would happen to us. We are so thankful to our families and friends who came to show their love for Aiden. We are very proud of his decision he made to be baptized and the kind spirit he has. We love you Aiden!

Chris too a behind the scenes picture. I kind of think this kid is adorable!


Natalie, Brian, Rachel, Erick said...

Making all of your costumes is an impressive feat! At least Aiden was at his baptism on time!

Kim Edwards said...

oh he looks so happy! We wish we could have made it there!! You must be one proud mom