Monday, July 5, 2010


Besides Arkansas, we made a few other stops along the way. (I know how wimpy are we that we couldn't just drive the entire 23 hours straight:) Most of these pictures are from our trip home, we didn't stop to smell to many roses on the way there.

When we stopped in Oklahoma City walked through the Brick District, where our kids favorite part was getting some old fashioned glass bottles of soda. (Too bad I didn't take any pictures)

There was a Celebration Station (think Chuck E. Cheese meets Scandia) down the street from our hotel so we bought a pass for the go carts and bumper boats. The boats had sprayers on them and we all ganged up on Chris so he was drenched when our time was up, unfortunately (or maybe not) Dalin had decided to team up with his dad so he was a casualty of the battle.

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