Sunday, March 8, 2009


I know you have all enjoyed looking at Chris's pseudo-pants, but for the sake of giving you all something besides broken pants to look at I thought I would post some of the fun two year old things that come out of Dalin's mouth.

Shep-up = ketchup (better than shut-up which is what he used to say)

munch = lunch

Buzz Light Year, Woody and Bad Guy = Toy Story 2 (you know because it has Zurg, the bad guy)

When trying to get my attention, in a very stern voice he calls out, "Mommy Kristen Edwards!" (of course that's my full name)

Lil-bit & R-ca = Elizabeth & Erica our new twin cousins

Dalin loves to say the prayer and when ever Chris asks who's turn it is Dalin raises his hand and says "Me!" It was Chris's turn and when he told Dalin as much Dalin said "Okay I hep you." So as Chris started to say the prayer and Dalin would say "uh-huh" after each pause.

Dalin is pretty shy around people until he sees his siblings decide they are okay. Chris's brother Nick came to visit a couple of weeks ago and Dalin hid in the corner and cried (I know sad, Nick is a good uncle). He wanted something from the kitchen so he made me go with him. He hid behind me while we walked through the living room. When we got into the kitchen he said, "That was a good job, I hid behind your booty and he didn't see me." Unfortunately for uncle Nick he usually has to go home by the time Dalin warms up to him.

He loves to play basketball and he will sing "Getcha Head in the Game" from High School Musical as he bounces the ball. He's pretty good at making baskets in our little hoop in the back yard.

He makes us laugh everyday (lucky for him) and we are so happy to have our little caboose with us.


The Zoo Keeper said...

HAHA I love R-ca pronounced similar to ScR-cow?

Kristen said...

Yes the "R's" are pronounced the same in both terms. You are too funny!

Kaylee said...

Don't forget 'shoop' (soup) and 'Bye-bye saver man!'(Popeye the sailor man; ! actually used)

Kaylee said...

And now he calls them Lizzica and R-ca.