Wednesday, December 5, 2007

December Already!

I know that Christmas is the same day every year, but it sneaks up on me every time. I looked at the calendar yesterday and I couldn’t believe that Christmas is only three weeks away! I have not done any shopping yet. I think my black Friday experience has soured me on shopping of any kind. I’m sure everything will get done, and I’m not even feeling stress, yet.

We put up our Christmas tree on Monday and when we plugged it in, it looked like a parfait of lights. Every other layer on our pre-lit tree is lit, and I think it will take to long to check all of the lights and figure out which ones need to be fixed, so we’ll probably just put some strands of lights on for now. It is about six years old and last year was the first year we had to replace any lights so it’s been really good for us, but branches are getting bent and now the lights so I think its days are numbered. I haven’t let the kids hang decorations yet because we would just have to take them down again to fix the lights, and it is testing Kaylee’s patience to the limit. She has been carrying her ornaments around in her stocking for two days. It’s kind of funny. I was worried that Dalin would knock the tree over, as he is notorious for getting into things, but I think he is actually afraid of it. Too many things poking out I guess. But like I said the ornaments aren’t on yet so I may be speaking to soon.

Speaking of Dalin he finally gets to go to nursery! It makes me a little sad because he is just so big now. It is really a happy day for Chris because he is the one who has been following Dalin around the halls ever since he learned how to walk and decided there were better things to do than sitting in Sunday school.

That's all I have for now. Have a good day!

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